"Elva is candid and direct, yet has the empathy that I needed to help me try different approaches".  She was my cheerleader, very creative and strategic in her approach.                        

​                                                                                                                   Director, Facilities Operations Management

"In addition to being a great coach offering sound,strategic advice, Elva demonstrated an empathy that I truly appreciated. If you are looking for someone who is effective, talented and dedicated to her clients make sure you contact Elva."                                                                                                     Private Banking Executive

"...Elva is extremely dedicated to her clients and is always delivering high quality executive coaching. She is trustworthy and ethical - someone who I have put my trust in and am very satisfied with her services..."  

                                                                                                                      Senior Director, Human Resources​

"Elva is an inspiration to so many...! When I didn't think it was possible, she helped me face the challenges and recognize that possibilities can become realities."                                          ​Chief Financial Officer,  Non-profit

What career challenges are you facing?

Elva Bankins Baxter Master Coach 

"Thanks so much Elva. I appreciate all of your support, patience and expertise."         

                                                                                                                               Director, Financial Services

" I coach corporate professionals who become stuck as they face career change and enable them to "bounce back" and achieve greater clarity, focus and their desired results for the future."

Master Coach: Elva Bankins Baxter CMC, CEC