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According to Fortune magazine, about 40 percent of executives who change roles or get promoted fail in their first 18 months. The reasons have been well documented.  However, hiring an executive coach to assist new leaders to assimilate into the new environment has proven to significantly reduce the failure rate. An executive coach partners with the new leader' s management team and HR to ensure a successful landing or new change of management.  

A majority of leaders report that executive coaching efforts in their organizations are effective, according to the 9th annual executive coaching survey from Sherpa Executive Coaching. Fifty-eight (58) percent describe results from coaching as “excellent,” and more than 40 percent describe results as “good.” Among HR and training professionals, only 7 percent have seen results they would describe as only “fair,” with a mere 1 percent reporting “poor” results.

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Whether it's a voluntary or an involuntary layoff.  Whether it's due to an acquisition, merger, reorganization, management change, or cost containment efforts, losing your job is difficult.  It usually is extremely hard on your self-esteem, your finances, and many professionals experience high levels of stress because the future is now uncertain.  Your daily work routine is shattered, relationships with co-workers and the management team has changed.   

How you do successfully get back on track? How do you maintain your self-confidence? Who should you talk to about the situation? And how should you frame the layoff for future employers?

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